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Bing Ads for Doctors, Dentists & Health Related Businesses

While people always think of Google Ads when it comes to paid search, sometimes Bing Ads can also be a smart way to market your practice. At iHealth Marketing, while most of our paid ads focuses around Google, we’ve also been successful in creating Bing Ads to help our clients grow their business. For any healthcare providers, including doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons, chiropractors, and health spas, Bing Ads might be a smart solution for you.

Why Choose Bing Ads?

  • Extended Reach: Bing’s search engine powers not only its own searches but those on partner platforms as well, including Yahoo. This expands your advertising reach beyond Google.
  • Less Competition: Fewer advertisers on Bing often means lower costs per click, giving you more value for your advertising budget.
  • Demographic Targeting: Bing’s user base has unique demographics, allowing for more specific targeting that aligns with your patient base.

Our Bing Ads Services

a. Campaign Strategy & Planning

  • Developing a customized strategy that aligns with your goals and target audience

b. Ad Creation & Optimization

  • Crafting compelling ads and optimizing them for the best performance on Bing

c. Keyword Research & Targeting

  • Identifying the most effective keywords specific to your practice and the Bing platform

d. Tracking & Analytics

  • Providing insights into campaign performance, click-through rates, and ROI

e. Ongoing Management & Support

  • Continuous monitoring and adjustments to ensure optimal performance

Experience the Benefits of Bing Advertising

If you’re looking to expand your online advertising reach and explore untapped opportunities, Bing Ads might be the solution you need. Trust iHealth Marketers, with our specialized understanding of the healthcare industry, to manage your Bing Ads campaign effectively.

Ready to get started with Bing Ads? Contact us today to learn how we can help your healthcare practice grow and reach new heights with this powerful advertising platform.